Security of Supply

Security of Supply

According to the agreement concluded with the National Emergency Supply Agency, the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association is responsible for the Finnish security of supply planning for the oil and natural gas sector.

Finland's security of supply is primarily funded through a system of strategic stockpile fees levied on energy products, mainly on oil products.

The Oil Pool

The Association is responsible for the upkeep of the National emergency supply organisation’s Oil Pool and its Natural Gas Section for the purpose of security of supply planning.

The Oil Pool is in charge of preparedness planning for the part of liquid fuels, liquid petroleum gas, natural gas and lubricants, and for the definition of the sector's security of supply targets, as well as for the compilation of operational guidelines and oil product rationing plans in the event of emergencies.

The Natural Gas Section is in charge of assessing the security of supply targets of natural gas and for determining the back-up fuels to be used in case of natural gas interruption.

Statistics for IEP and IEA

The Association is in charge of compiling the statistics necessary for Finland's participation in the International Energy Programme (IEP) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The Association belongs to the IEA preparedness organisation and has representative in the National Emergency Sharing Organisation NESO.

The Association also maintains the preparedness systems for oil product transports and the oil stocks statistics for the use of authorities and the EU.

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