Soil remediation

The Ministry of the Environment and the Oil Pollution Compensation Fund have started a periodic project for investigation and remediation of oil contaminated sites on certain risk zones.

The project (called JASKA) is continuation of former project (called SOILI Programme) and the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association owned service company Oil Industry Service Centre Ltd has been selected to provide the project management services. The Oil Industry Service Centre was running the soil remediation programme (called SOILI) designed for decommissioned service stations during 1996-2014.

The oil industry in Finland launched SOILI Programme in 1996 to clean up oil contaminated soil at service stations or other outlets that have been closed down. The programme was based on an agreement between the Association, the Ministry of the Environment, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and the oil companies.

Under this programme, the clean-up needs of hundreds of sites was determined on the basis of risk assessment. Together with its building consultants, the Oil Industry Service Centre was handling the clean-up operations, after which the sites can have been put to other use.

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