The continuing positive story of the Oil Sector Energy Efficiency Agreement in Finland

Press release 14 Oct 2016

The positive results obtained from energy efficiency work in the oil sector are set to continue. The fourth energy efficiency agreement, Höylä IV, was signed on 14 October and will come into effect next year. The agreement will see the continuation of measures to improve the energy efficiency of oil heating. The goal is that at least half of oil-heated buildings will also be using renewable energy by the time the agreement expires in 2025.

The oil heating system based on water circulation is adaptable and offers ample opportunities for the parallel use of renewable energy.

-We are already moving speedily along towards an ever greater share of renewable energy. Thanks to the use of double chamber combination boilers, we have already for a long time been using wood alongside oil heating. During the different Höylä agreements, users of oil heating have clearly increased their use of renewable energy by installing, for example, air-to-water heat pumps and solar heating, reports Deputy Managing Director Pekka Huttula from the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association.

-With regards to oil heating, we will indeed be able to reach the goals set in the Government Programme for domestic use of imported oil and increase in renewable energy use without resorting to any radical measures, Mr Huttula added. The Energy Efficiency Agreements also play their part towards compliance with international commitments to curb climate change.

Good results thanks to oil heating customers

Voluntary agreements to promote energy efficiency began in the oil sector as early as 1997. Over the following two decades, significant energy savings have been achieved as oil heating systems have been updated and required maintenance work has been carried out in time.

Energy efficiency boosting measures have included boiler replacements and improvements to building structures. The average annual consumption of an oil-heated building (150m2) has fallen since the start of the new millennium from 2900 litres to 2300 litres.

-These good results are thanks to the oil heating customers, Mr Huttula stressed. He also emphasised the important role of installation and maintenance firms and heating system suppliers in the energy efficiency work.

For the future, Mr Huttula considers it important that consumers have different options available for improving heating systems in stages and with reasonable costs.

Advice for oil heating customers

Advice for oil heating customers will continue to be provided during the Höylä IV agreement. The Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association promotes energy efficiency goals by providing oil heating users with information about how they can save energy through their own actions large or small. This information is communicated, for example, through the ‘Lämmöllä’ magazine provided to oil heating users, as well as through website and at building and construction trade fairs.

Parties to the agreement

The parties to the Höylä Energy Efficiency Agreement are the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Energy Authority, the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association and the Heating Energy Association (Lämmitysenergia Yhdistys ry) as well as suppliers of heating fuel Neste, St1 and Teboil. The executors of the agreement are the Oil Industry Service Centre Ltd and the Heating Energy Association.

Energy Efficiency Agreement on the Distribution of Liquid Heating Fuels HÖYLÄ IV >

Further information: Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association, Deputy Managing Director Pekka Huttula, tel. +358 (0)40 503 9465

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