Total consumption of oil products in Finland declined in 2015

Press release 9 February 2016

About two billion litres of petrol were sold in 2015, which is 1.6 per cent less than the year before. Consumption of petrol has been declining for a long time, as technical developments increase energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption in cars. The Finnish car taxation also favours models that consume less fuel.

Owing to newer cars on the road, 95 E10 petrol has increased its share of petrol sold each year since it was introduced five years ago in 2011. E10 petrol was introduced in order to ensure that the legislative transport biofuel obligation will be met. Of the petrol sold last year, 63 per cent was 95 E10 petrol.

The increase in petrol ethanol concentration is one of many measures aimed at achieving the environmental targets set for the transport sector. The bio ethanol concentration of E10 petrol may fluctuate and be 10 % v/v at its highest. Alternatively, the E10 petrol may also contain ethers and other alcohols permissible under the Fuels Quality Directive.

Nearly 3 billion litres of diesel oil were sold last year, which is 1.2 per cent more than in 2014. According to figures from The Finnish Transport Safety Agency, there were 4.4 per cent more diesel engine passinger cars in Finland than at the end of the previous year. However, the most significant area of consumption of diesel oil is transport for business and industry.

Nearly 1.8 billion litres of light fuel oil were sold in 2015, which is 1.7 per cent more than in the previous year. Almost 70 per cent of the light fuel oil is consumed by machinery and equipment used in agriculture, forestry, construction, and in industry. Only about a third of light fuel oil is used for household heating. The consumption of oil in oil heating is declining year by year, as the energy efficiency of the equipment is improving constantly.

About 440,000 tons of heavy fuel oil, which is mainly used in industry, was sold last year, which is about 8 per cent less than in the previous year.

Total sales of aviation fuel was just below 907 million litres, which is about 2.8 per cent more than in 2014. Almost 90 per cent of the aviation fuel sold in Finland is used in international transport.

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