Authorisation procedure of car wash chemicals in Finland

Information for car wash detergents manufacturers

The Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association maintains and manages the Service Station Waste Water Programme in Finland.

The purpose of the programme is to ensure that the waste waters from service station car wash facilities do not interfere with the biological waste water treatment at the waste water treatment plants.

The testing and authorisation procedure for car wash detergent mixtures constitutes an intrinsic part of the Service Station Waste Water Programme, and it also influences the contracts related with connecting to the sewage systems. The use of duly authorised chemicals also enhances service station occupational safety.

The national standard SFS 3352 Palavien nesteiden jakeluasema (Service station for flammable liquids) refers to the Service Station Waste Water Programme and stipulates that the detergent mixtures used in vehicle washing operations must be duly tested (if containing petroleum hydrocarbon solvents) and authorised. The system ensures that risk management is an essential part of responsible service station operations in Finland.

The application must substantiate that the detergent mixture and all of its components meet the approval criteria specified in chapter 4.2.

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A free-form application with the following attachments is used for seeking the authorisation for a detergent mixture:

1) Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of all the preparations contained in the detergent. The Decree issued on Safety Data Sheets prescribes that the SDS must be issued in Finnish and/or Swedish, in line with the requirements of the recipient. The contents of the Chemical Notifications submitted in the Chemicals Product Register of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) have been specified in the Decree 553/2008 (amended 965/2011) issued by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

2) Product Specification (product formulation). The Product Specification must list all the preparations that the detergent contains as well as their approximate percentages. The Product Specifications are handled with confidentiality, and no data is passed on to third parties.

3) Instructions for use for all the individual preparations contained in the detergent mixture. Note: All instructions for use issued for detergents for use in Finland must be issued in Finnish and in Swedish.

4) Test Certificate for the oil/water separation testing issued for the detergent mixture in accordance with Annex 1. No Test Certificate is required if the detergent mixture contains no detergents that contain a petroleum hydrocarbon solvent.


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