Biofuels and statistics in road traffic

In Finland, biofuels used in road traffic are regulated by the national legislation on distribution obligation which which will set the targets until 2020 and onwords. More information on the Biofuels for traffic page.

Customs, Statistics Finland, Energy Authority

Statistics Finland is responsible for making statistics of the biofuel use. Statistics Finland receives its data from Customs, to which the suppliers of liquid traffic fuels report their annual biofuel shares. If an enterprise under the distribution obligation does not fulfil the set obligation, Customs will impose a penalty on the enterprise. Biofuels must meet the set sustainability criteria, and the sustainability criteria accounts shall be delivered to the Energy Authority.


Statistics Finland reports the Finnish data to the EU's statistics authority, Eurostat, which collects data from each EU country. The statistics process is complex, meaning that the final biofuel share information regarding a certain year will usually take quite a long time to be completed. The time of completion will also vary depending on various factors. Eurostat will publish the information on each EU member state after finishing the entire statistics.

Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association does not make statistics on bio shares

Public authorities will take care of the biofuel statistics. Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association does not make statistics on biofuel shares.

All liquid traffic fuels include biofuels

In Finland the national legislation distribution obligation requires that the share of biofuels in the total energy content of petrol, diesel oil and biofuels supplied by the distributor of transport fuels must account a certain amount. The distribution obligation started from 11% in 2011-2014, and it has been increasing gradually. The distribution obligation is 12% in 2017, 15% in 2018, 18% in 2019 and 20% in 2020. In practice, the annual percentage can be front-loaded, making it higher. Until 2020, biofuel’s energy content will be calculated twofold. If the biofuel’s raw material is waste, residue, inedible cellulose or lingocellulose, that greatly reduces carbon dioxide, the biofuel’s share is calculated twofold in the distribution obligation.

The final annual bio-content data is published by the EU's statistics authority Eurostat with a delay. The data of 2015 will be published in the spring of 2017. In 2014, the 21,6% share of biofuel used in road traffic in Finland was among the highest percentages in Europe according to Eurostat's statistics. The Energy Authority's publication has stated that based on the biofuel sustainability criteria account, the share of biofuels in Finland’s road traffic in 2015 was more than 24%, when the twofold calculation is taken into account.

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