LPG bottles in Finland - camper vans, caravans

In Finland LPG bottles are stadardized

When you arrive in Finland in a camper van or a caravan with equipment using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), you should have enough gas for the whole duration of your trip. As a rule of thumb, about 2.5 kg of gas is required each week.

In Finland, unlike in many other European countries, LPG bottles are not company-specific, as the bottles used are more or less standardized. LPG bottles used in other countries are not replaceable in this system.

Under the Finnish system, when you buy LPG for the first time you get a full bottle from a retailer. When the bottle is empty, you only need to have it switched for a full bottle, which means that you only pay for the gas. LPG bottles are widely available at such outlets as service stations.

If you need a new LPG bottle when in Finland, you must buy both the bottle and the gas contained in it. LPG bottles used in Finland cannot usually be used in your home country.

Gas fuels in traffic

In Finland, LPG is not used as motor vehicle fuel, and consequently, it is not available even for the tourists' vehicles.

Natural gas filling stations are located mainly in the southern parts of Finland in the area covered by the natural gas network. More information: www.gasum.com.


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