Service stations and labelling of fuels

There are about 1900 service stations in Finland, and over half of these are unmanned filling stations.

In population centres and around them, one can usually find multiple service stations of the various chains. Outside the centres, in rural areas, the distances between service stations may in some parts of the country be long because Finland is a sparsely populated country. This is especially true in Lapland in the north of Finland.

The location of the service stations may be checked in the websites of the various distribution companies: ABC, Neste, St1, Teboil.

Petrol and diesel fuel

Petrol and diesel fuel for motor vehicles are available nationwide.

As a rule, two petrol grades are available at most service stations, namely 95 and 98 octane petrol grades.

Some service stations may operate with only one fuel dispenser, and at these it will be the operator responsible for the station who will decide which petrol grades will be marketed.

Labelling of petrol

The 95 E10 petrol is labelled "95 E10", 95 indicating the octane, E standing for "ethanol", and the digit 10 signifying that this petrol contains up to 10% v/v ethanol. The E10 fuel dispenser is labelled 95 E10.

The fuel dispenser tower carries a compatibility announcement in Finnish and in Swedish saying: ”Moottoreihin, joissa voidaan käyttää 10 % etanolia sisältävää polttoainetta – För motorer som kan drivas med bränsle som innehåller 10 % etanol” (For engines that are compatible with fuel blend containing 10% ethanol).

The 98 E5 petrol dispenser is labelled 98 E5. The fuel dispenser tower carries a compatibility announcement in Finnish and in Swedish saying: ”Kaikkiin bensiinikäyttöisiin moottoreihin – För alla bensindrivna motorer” (For all petrol driven engines).

The E10 petrol is suitable for use in most of the current vehicle stock (see E10 compatible motors) running on 95 octane petrol. More information:

The car’s octane requirement always takes precedence over other fuel recommendations: 98 E5 should be used in cases where the octane requirement is higher than 95 whereby the 95 E10 is not suitable for use. It is always possible to use higher octane petrol than the car’s actual octane requirement.

Ethanol fuels

Ethanol fuel E85 that is cleared for use in Flexible Fuel Vehicles can be found only in parts of the country, and mainly in the south of Finland. More information:

The digit 85 in the marking for the high ethanol blend E85 (for Flexible Fuel Vehicles) does not refer to the octane rate but to the maximum ethanol content. The dispenser markings of ethanol fuels contains no indication of the fuel's octane rate. The fuel dispenser tower carries a compatibility announcement in Finnish and in Swedish saying: ”Etanolipolttoaine, ainoastaan etanoli/bensiiniajoneuvoihin (FFV) – Etanolbränsle, endast för etanol/bensinfordon (FFV)” (High ethanol blend, for Flexible Fuel Vehicles only).

Gas fuels

Natural gas is available for bi-fuel vehicles in some parts of Finland. Natural gas distribution outlets are located mainly in the southern parts of Finland. (More information:

In Finland, LPG is not used as motor vehicle fuel, and consequently, it is not available even for the tourists' vehicles.

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